CDR-O Bound Pups Nov 3 2018

November 1-3 2018: Gardendale TX to Toronto ON

12 Chihuahuas, 2 Dachshunds, 3 Beagle/Doxies

Thursday 7:00 a.m. Depart Promised Land.

Thursday Overnight Springfield MO
Hosts: Donnie and Gordon

Friday Overnight Indianapolis
Host: Linda Elkins, all 18 pups in her transport way-station.

Saturday: Arrive Lincoln Park, MI 12:30 Saturday for Border Crossing 

NOT Chihuahuas



Wendy is 9 year old DAchshund female. She was very shy when she first arrived but has come out of her shell a bit. She appears to be well on her way to being completely potty trained but has access to a doggie door. She walks very well on a leash and gets along very well with my Doggie Room pack consisting of 19 other dogs, some old, some young, some mixed breeds, some Chi's, and some Dachshunds. She loves to be cuddled and is very friendly with Rick and I. Not cat or kid tested. She weighs about 15 - 16 lbs. 

Honey Bee


Honey Bee as you will most likely recall got pulled from the first transport because of diarrhea. We tried IAMS Mini chunks that most of my babies thrive on. She is currently eating that and doing fairly well. But the recurrent diarrhea is still a problem. I had her back to the vet yesterday and every test that was run on her showed her to be in excellent health. My vet felt like in the beginning of her problems that she was having food allergies but is now thinking that she is suffering from anxiety. She does not appear to be stressed as she is fairly laid back and loves to be held and loved on. She was rescued off the streets about 6 weeks ago with a litter of pups. We had her spayed and completely vetted. She is only a year or two old and has obviously been thru a lot having her pups on the street. I recommend a calm environment for her to see if the meds she is currently taking will take care of her digestive issues. Our sanctuary is a wonderful place for babies to heal and learn to trust again, but it is not quiet and calm. I will certainly understand if you feel she would not be a good fit for your program. 

Two of the N TX Mixes


These babies were in a horrible abuse situation where some of the pups did not survive.  They are in foster care with the head of A Different Breed rescue.  They were very withdrawn and frightened but two of them are now being petted and the third is approaching her. 




Darla is 3 year old Chihuahua female and is very much like Nikki in her attitudes. She also does not do great on a leash and will run and hide if given the opportunity. She is getting along well with the dogs in our doggie room. She is also at the vet today being tested for HW, fecal checked, vaccinated, and exam for health certificate. It took me a few minutes to catch her this morning to put her in the car for the trip to the vet, but she finally squatted down and let me pick her up. I have had her and Nikki for over a week and they are just now starting to get used to being handled a bit.



Sammy is 5 year old male Chi. He does not interact much with other dogs. He likes to chill out. He is house trained and loves to sleep on the bed. He does not play with toys and is scared riding in a car. Sometimes he wets a bit when he gets picked up 



Flower is overweight. She is an 8 year old Chi. She walks well on a leash and is house trained. Loves to ride in a car and likes to sleep in her human's bed. She is not a big barker. 




Beau is a 4 year old Chiweenie. He weighs about 7lbs. Beau is very loving with Rick and I but can be quite the bully with other dogs. He was in my kitchen pack with some of my more fragile dogs and I had to remove him to an isolation pen as he picked out one of my most vulnerable old Dachshunds to pick on. He can be vocal at times but is learning to settle in a crate. Does not walk well on a leash and can be difficult to catch if he gets loose in the area of my home that is out of bounds for the dogs. He can jump out of an open pen with no problem at all. My recommendation for him is a home where he is the only dog.




Bebe is a 2 year old Chihuahua that we rescued almost a year ago as a group of 4 dogs coming out of a bad situation. He had some lameness in one of his back legs and after x-rays it was determined that one of his hip sockets had been damaged. My vet went in and repaired the joint with several plates and screws. It took Bebe a while to recover but now it would be impossible to tell he ever had a problem at all. He lives with our Doggie room pack and gets along very well with all other dogs. He can be a bit shy and once in awhile only eats about 2/3 of food. But he has consistently put on weight while here with us and looks very healthy. He was completely vetted when he first arrived and will have his shots, HW test, fecal, updated this week.



Bear is a tiny Chihuahua male that is estimated to be 3 years old. He is the one I told you about before that has an injured front leg. After x-rays at the vet it has been determined that his knee in that leg was broken and allowed to heal without treatment. When he runs he almost always just carries that leg up off the ground. When he stands or walks he does use that leg but it is obvious to look at him that it has been injured and did not set correctly. He also does not walk well on a leash and can be ellusive if given the chance to run and hide. He is crate trained and doing fine in a large wire crate. We have chosen to maintain him in that crate as he is tiny and appears fragile because of that leg. He weighs about 5 lbs. He is improving daily on the leash as we are walking him multiple times each day. He is very quiet. 

More Chihuahuas



 Nikki is a 2 year old Chihuahua female. She like most of the Chi's that came from my rescue friend has not been handled a lot. She is shy and has taken awhile to begin to come out of her shell. She does not walk very well on a leash and like most of the Chi's coming from the other rescue she has not been handled a lot. If she gets away from you it will be difficult to catch her. She is crate trained but is currently living in the Doggie room and has access to the doggie door. She is getting along well with our dogs in that area and is really a sweet baby once she gets to know you a bit. She is at the clinic today being tested for HW, fecal check, vaccinated, and examined for health certificate. 



Blue is 3-4 year old 6-7 lb Chi male. Can be hard to get to know but is very sweet once she gets comfortable. 



Jenny is 2 years old and weighs about 8 lbs. Loves to play but very shy at first. Good with other dogs. 



Harley is a shy sweet 4 year old Chi male. Weighs about 5 lbs. He came from a breeder to the rescue group. Improving on house training but still needs work. 

Lil Bit


Lil Bit is 2 -3 years old and looks to weigh about 8-9 lbs. He loves to play and cuddle. 



Mona is 6 years old  She is about 7 lbs. and can be hard to get to know but can be very sweet.