Waco from Waco  quickly won hearts with his soulful eyes and little tongue sticking out.  Waco loved to sit in the sun on mild days under a favorite tree in the yard where he went to sleep one day in July 2018 and did not wake up in this world.  Dear boy left a big impression on many hearts. 



This wonderful boy survived the Baton Rouge floods and came to the Sanctuary in September 2016.  Trooper fought back from several medical challenges and lived a good 22 months with us before succumbing to old age in July 2018.  Trooper attracted several thousand people to the Facebook page with his insistence on his scrambled eggs and his compelling tales of his travels and adventures.  



Walter came to us on May 1, 2018 so weak he could not hold his head up while he lay in the seat on the way to the vet, but Doc Jess soon had him feeling much better.

We loved watching him wander from bed to bed to find just the right spot for each nap. We were amazed to watch him wait patiently in line for his turn out the doggie door. We were blessed to watch him roll in the grass with the joy of the simple things that made him happy. He didn't have a lot of time with us, but Walter truly enjoyed the time he did have.




Our precious little Pudge crossed the Rainbow Bridge Sep 10 2018 in my arms at the vet clinic. She was 15 years old and had been with us here at the sanctuary for 2 years. Pudge was a docile, sweet little girl that just wanted to hunt for pecans in the yard and take a nap on her favorite bed thru the afternoon hours. We are so very grateful to have been able to give her a couple of years of love and excellent care. Rest in peace, sweet girl. You will not be forgotten.  

In Memoriam 2016-2017



Oscar’s dad was a military man that didn’t make it home from Afghanistan. Oscar was eight years old and a diabetic that also suffered from Addison’s disease. He stopped by the sanctuary for a brief rest on his way to join his dad on 07/04/17. 



 Lucy was a reject from a local breeder due to her genetic problems. She was 3 years old when she came to live at PLDS on 3/29/05. We called her “Lefty Lucy” and her son Pete still resides at the sanctuary. It broke our hearts to lose Lucy on 6/30/17. 



Jazzie came to the sanctuary on 4/20/17 with stage four heart worms and a bad liver. Her sweet little heart was not strong enough to make it through the treatments for her condition, and we lost her on 6/20/17. 



Ginger was the charter member of our “Chubby Bubby” group when she came to us on 6/5/16. Her devotion to her son was unsurpassed with our bonded babies. Max still resides with us at PLDS. Ginger tragically left us on 10/8/16. 



Patch came to the sanctuary on 4/6/02 as a six week old puppy. Patch was partially blind but full of mischievous spirit. She was our “Class Clown” for fourteen years until we had to say good-bye on 10/12/16. 



Nellie came to the sanctuary on 8/13/16. Her best friend Petey still resides with us. Nellie was known as  “Not Now Nellie” as she never really felt well enough, due to chronic infections, to enjoy her life with us. We lost her on 9/21/16. 



Colton was one of our IVDD rescues. He came to us on 6/12/05 from another rescue group as a three-year old. We were heartbroken to lose Colton but we were proud that he was able to walk across the Rainbow Bridge on 7/11/16.



Andre’ was our first official rescue at PLDS. He came to us on 7/11/01 off the streets as a skinny, frightened one year old. Andre’ taught us the joy of redemption. He was our “Alpha Male” for fifteen years until he left us on 5/18/16. 



Sapphire came to the sanctuary on 6/10/17. She and Leo were possibly the most bonded couple we have ever had the privilege of loving here at the sanctuary. We lost Sapphire suddenly in the night on 8/23/17. Although she is no longer by Leo's side we know she will reside in his heart forever. 



October 16, 2017: Our little Dora crossed the bridge last night in her sleep. She was approximately 14 years old. Dora came to the sanctuary 8 years ago from one of our local shelters. She was extremely ill, and it took over 5 weeks to get her well enough to join the pack. Her cataracts were already too far gone to be able to do anything about them. Dora was always a loner here at the sanctuary, but she had her special bed that she loved to rest on, and she enjoyed the sunshine on her back while strolling thru the yard. We love you little darlin and you will never be forgotten.



October 16,2017: Trevor came to the sanctuary from a high kill shelter in July, 2017. He was estimated to be about 12 years old. Trevor was blind, had nasty teeth, heart worm positive, tick fever, and auto-immune disease. We finally got him to the point where it was time to treat his heart worms and he received that treatment last week. Unfortunately, fighting his toughest battle was too much for this little man. RIP sweet Trevor! We love you and we will never forget.



December 28, 2017.  Greta was rushed to the Sanctuary but her little body was not able to continue the fight.  She had a last day of warmth and love as Tham and her daughter brought her to us.  Dr Tom and Dr Jess tried to save her but her liver was not able to keep this sweet soul with us. God bless you, little Greta.  You touched very many lives in your short time in our care.