Adoptive Families 2018

Leo and the Bower Family

The Thompsons with Tater and Tot

Toni with Moose

Nelda & Bill with Minnie & Emmie

Vicki with Bella

Jamie with Sweetie

Bridget with Rachel

Lexi with Paula and Steve

Wendy with Marguerite and Ninette

Big Freddie with Trishe

Adoptive Families 2016 & 2017

Amanda and Jasper

Angie and Cheyenne

Brenda and Noah

Carla and Daisy

Carolyn, Eric, and Charm

Clover with the Girls

Justin and Ireland

Vicki and Petunia

Stacy and Big Bill

Dawn and Jack

Deb, Bella and Baxter

Dorothy and Razzberry

Elizabeth and Rose

Jacqui and Micah

Jamie and Sweetie

Janelle and Abbie

Jennifer and Jasper

Ken and Joy

Kirsten and Shasta

Laura and Domino

Martha and Elvis

Michael, Heidi and Snoopy

Montana and Sandi

Robin and Daisy

Tham and Gabriel

Tham and Mo

Simon, Holly and Scooby

Stacey and Artie

Denisa, Mike and Dixie

Cynthia, Lucas, and Chico

Larry, Joni, Bayleigh and Pebbles

Peggy and Journey

Diane, Bob and Heidi