platinum donors

Our mission depends on the donations from our supporters  These families have made large donations to fund one of the rooms in Trooper's Dream, our new building that will double our capacity. 

The Yorty Family

Tammy and Ed Yorty


 Tammy and Ed Yorty made a generous $10,000 donation for the new building, Trooper's Dream. 


Tammy and Ed adopted Oscar from the Sanctuary when he needed a new and forever home. 



 Charlie is almost 16 years old and still has zest for life. Although he likes his naps, he also likes playing with his stuffed chipmunks and pestering his brothers. He is their first dachshund and the reason Ed and Tammy love them. 



 Moose is a sweet crazy goofball. His favorite things in life are walks, treats, and getting attention. We rescue all of our dogs and this sweetheart is the reason why. 

The Bonds

Patricia and Doug with Cookie


Patricia supported the Sanctuary and upon her passing the family decided to match all donations to the Sanctuary as a memoriam for her.  

Patricia with Cookie


Family and Friends donated over $10,000.   This has funded the Patricia Bond Intensive Care Unit for the babies that need extra medical attention. 

Relaxing at Home


Patricia had a love for family, and that family included four-leggers.