Trooper's Tale

After the tragic Baton Rouge flood in August 2016, Trooper made his way to Companion Animal Alliance. They contacted the sanctuary about Trooper and plans began to come together for an eight-hour transport. 

Six fantastic volunteers drove Trooper to us and I picked him up in our Walmart parking lot at 3:30 in the morning.
We knew Trooper was blind and deaf but we were surprised to learn the next day at the vet that he is also a diabetic. Trooper’s little belly was full of worms, his teeth were rotten, his ears were infected, and his thyroid levels were very low. Our vet began to prioritize his needs and together we began to work on restoring his health.

After several months Trooper’s glucose levels were under control as were his thyroid levels. Trooper had his teeth cleaned and his body was free of infection. The one thing Trooper never had a problem with was demanding his food on time. Rick feeds him at 6 am every morning before his insulin shot, and I scramble eggs for him every evening so he can receive his second shot.

Trooper earned his nickname, “Sir Barksalot” because of his insistence on his meals being ready immediately when he wants them. His bark and his determination to get well have made Trooper a rock star at the sanctuary, and our followers can never get enough videos and pictures of this amazing little man.

Trooper Barks for his Dinner

Trooper barking for his eggs is without exception the most requested video on our Facebook page. Thankfully, he barks at me just like this every night when his eggs are on the stove!

Trooper's Journey at PLDS

Scary Skinny

"Oh, man.  I was hungry!"

First Eggs

"I do love me some eggs."

Gaining Ground

"I am bulking up!!" 

Christmas Spirit

"Me and Santa got this."

Polka Dots

"I don't wear pajamas."

New Friends

"She likes to be my pillow."

Checking the Perimeter

"Just a little reconnaissance."

New Gear

"Man, I'm looking good!"

On the Hunt

 "They'll never see me coming!" 

Connie Introduces Trooper

Trooper Travels the Globe

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