Pup Profiles


This is JJ. He came to the sanctuary in Sept of 2016. He was covered in ticks, overweight, suffering with infected teeth, and low thyroid. JJ is doing very well now. His thyroid is under control with meds, and his teeth have been cleaned several times since he arrived. JJ has slimmed down to a nice weight and he loves patrolling the back yard for pecans with Pudge. His coat is not always as healthy as what we would like, but he enjoys a nice bath and a belly rub.


This is Max. He and his Mom Ginger (with him in second photo) came to the sanctuary in June of 2016. They were more than bonded, they were family. Max was born about 2006. Sadly we lost his Mom in Oct of 2016 and Max grieved her loss till Rick and I thought he might not come out of it. But Max is resilient and he is doing fine now. Max and his Mom were both extremely overweight when they arrived but Max has slimmed down to a very manageable weight. He is healthy and active and can often be found curled up with Pudge or MIssy.


This is Lady Bug. She came to the sanctuary in May 2018 from Oklahoma. Lady Bug is 16 years old and has a stubborn streak a mile wide. When she first arrived she stayed completely hidden under a blanket 24 hours a day. She has since ventured out and even uses the doggie door from the kitchen to the back yard. Lady knows when it is her meal time and will come to the gate in the kitchen to be put in to a wire crate to eat, but she never wants to be touched. Even picking her up to eat, when she wants me to, can be a struggle as she backs away and tries to snap at me. Doc Jess learned after Lady arrived that her jaw had been broken for awhile. So during her dental it was wired back together. While it is still delicate she manages to eat her wet food just fine. Lady lost all of her remaining teeth in that dental cleaning. She has a gruff senior bark and she uses it to let me know when she has finished her meal. Then she does her little dance in the crate to try to keep me from touching her.  "Feed me now, don't touch me, feed me now, don't you dare touch me!"


This is Pudge. She came to us September 2016 as an owner turn in. Pudge was born in 2003 and is a very laid back little lady. She loves pecan season when the pecans begin to fall and can often be found with her "collection" of pecans on her bed each evening. Pudge takes daily meds for thyroid issues. We sometimes struggle to keep weight on this baby but her blood tests and exams continue to show she is healthy. Pudge is a sweet and docile little girl.


This is Missy. She was born in 2002 and has been at the sanctuary for almost a year. Missy has a thyroid condition that is regulated with meds and regular blood tests. She is a sweet little lady that loves exploring the yard. Missy has a favorite bed in the Doggie Room and can always be found curled up with Ditto who is a Chihuahua that she is bonded with.


These two precious little girls are Butterfly (brown dapple) and Maddie. These girls came to us from Ft. Worth Humane Society in April of 2016. Butterfly was born in 2005 and Maddie in 2007. These two are as bonded as any babies I have ever known. Butterfly is nosey and bossy. Maddie is calm and gentle. Maddie is terrified of thunder, but Butterfly is fearless.  Maddie takes meds for seizures and has done very well since starting those meds. They still sleep together in one bed most of the time.


This is Baby Jade. She came to us in 2002 as a puppy having multiple seizures a day. She took meds for years to help control the seizures and now we are so happy to say that she hasn't had a seizure in several years. Baby Jade has been with us longer than any of our other babies. She now deals with some arthritis in her back legs but overall she is very healthy. I named her Baby Jade as she has always had a touch of the dramatic in her blood and makes sure everyone knows she is a delicate flower. 


This is Pete. Some of you may remember we rescued Pete and his Mom Lucy years ago from a breeder. Sadly we lost his Mom last year at the age of 16. Pete was rejected by the breeder because he was born without his back feet. Pete has been here at the sanctuary for 14 years. He gets around fairly well as he does have pads on the bottom of his back legs. Pete loves to spend his days curled up in a bed in the kitchen. Sweet little man!